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This Pacific Northwest History is from a Christian, Creation-based, Young Earth, Apologetics Worldview. It begins with the geology of the Pacific Northwest, including the worldwide flood, volcanic activity, Ice Age, and the Missoula Flood. It continues with the Indigenous peoples and early explorers through the present day.


From a Christian, Creation-based, Young Earth, Apologetics Worldview

This Pacific Northwest History begins with the geology of the Pacific Northwest and the events that shaped it starting with the worldwide flood and continuing with the Ice Age, volcanic activity, and the Missoula Flood. It continues with several chapters about the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest and then moves on to the early explorers, the fur trade, and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. There are a couple of chapters about the missionaries, the first settlers to the Pacific Northwest, and why their missionary efforts failed. A chapter about the Oregon Trail is followed by a couple of chapters about how the cultures of the Indigenous peoples and the settlers collided, and the removal of the Indigenous peoples to reservations. The curriculum ends with tribal sovereignty, industry, transportation, power, the World Wars, government, and life in the Pacific Northwest today.


This curriculum is written from a non-denominational balanced perspective, with careful consideration of the views of each side of the conflicts.

The core curriculum is over 450 pages in two lesson books with an accompanying workbook. There are 24 chapters. If you complete one chapter per week, taking five days per chapter, it is 120 lessons total. There is an optional activity book that can be used with this curriculum for kinesthetic or hands-on learners. There is one hands-on activity per chapter, so it is recommended to complete the reading and workbook in four days per week and to take the fifth day for the hands on activity. Activities include earth science, experiments, art and art history, and crafts. The deluxe package includes a wooden wall tracker with 24 pins. After completing each chapter, you can put a pin in one of the locations that was discussed in that chapter.


This curriculum was written for grades 6-8, but it works well for all ages. It has been used in a Co-op with children ages 6-15, and all children enjoyed it. If done family-style with someone reading out loud, younger children can listen and participate in the hands-on activities (if you choose to include those). This curriculum has plenty of information for high schoolers, and it can count as 1 high school credit. However, for high school, you should plan to include 3-4 essays. I will add some essay suggestions to my website before Fall 2024.


I intentionally kept this curriculum at 24 chapters so that it would work well with Co-op groups for a school year. For groups, parents can complete the reading and workbook at home and get together one day per week for the hands-on activity.




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4 reviews for Pacific Northwest History – Lesson Books

  1. Roberta Wesner

    ❤️ I am so amazed at all you are doing. ❤️
    You’re awesome!!!

  2. Annemarie Phelps

    This is an excellent curriculum. I was privileged to use it for all three of our children ranging in ages from 14 to 6 years old. Our older daughter transferred into public school this past spring and was given full credit for Pacific Northwest history after taking Tiffany’s course, so rest assured that it fully satisfies state requirements. Tiffany presents the information in a balanced, relevant, and interesting way. She makes sure that students understand every side of the story of what happened in our corner of the United States. Although the content and coursework are geared toward the older child, it is absolutely usable with the younger set as well. Tiffany has created leveled activities that are interesting and challenging for every age. I personally learned so much from working with my children on the coursework. I cannot recommend this curriculum more highly.

  3. Jennifer Holmgren

    We absolutely LOVE this curriculum! My daughter (aged 12) looked forward to each lesson and learned so much. This curriculum is thoughtfully put together and packed with interesting information about the Pacific Northwest Region. Tiffany has a gift for teaching and her lessons include beautiful imagery and engaging content! I highly recommend this curriculum and plan to use it for my son.

  4. Rachel Drake

    I was privileged to use this Pacific Northwest History curricula last year for my 3rd kiddo at the age of 12 in a home school co-op group. As often happens my 10 year old tagged along with us as well. Both girls loved the hands on activities that accompany the curricula- painting, making a block house, and beading. For me with a young earth creationist world view, I appreciated the the research into the what shaped our area and how that supports what the Bible described happening. I love how Tiffany included that ancient civilizations had advanced tools and art and thus refutes the idea of primitive cave men. I learned considerable amount about the relationship between the Native Americans and white people , how decisions of one generation affect the next, what one people value may be very different than what another values. This is a well thought out, well written book that engages many age groups. All of us mommas learned things we didn’t know as did our kids from ages 6 to age 15. This curricula engaged my kids on a whole different level than the book we used for my first two.I highly recommend this book. I most certainly will use it again with my remaining kiddos when they reach 7/8th grade level.

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Pacific Northwest History – Lesson Books